Commercial Massage Recliner Chairs Australia

"Masseuse Luxury Recliners allow your members, guests, shoppers and customers, a unique and relaxing experience."

Coin ChairMassuese Coin Operated Luxury Recliners can be installed in any venue, club, shopping centre or public place to provide a unique and relaxing experience.

Better still, it's just $2 for a 5 minute therapeutic neck, back, waist, buttocks, thigh and calf massage. Increase expenditure in your place of business using the best massage chairs from our range of electric massage chair recliners.

Studies in gaming and retail venues in the USA and Australia have proven that offering supplementary services such as massage to guests and customers increases the overall time they spend in the establishment, maximising both customer satisfaction and customer expenditure.

Masseuse's coin-operated Luxury Recliners offer a simple way to capitalise on this research and increase the length of time and money spent by each guest in your venue. Better still, there's no cost or effort required from you!

Benefits of using our range of electric massage chairs:

  • Increase expenditure in your venue
  • Proven to keep members/guests/customers/shoppers in your establishment for longer
  • Provide a relaxing service and point of difference
  • No cost or effort required from you at all
  • Comfortable and designed to be used as a normal chair when not in use
  • The Massage Luxury Recliners are ideal for all ages
  • Stylish design in black man-made leather and lithium silver
  • Only requires a small space


  • No minimum timeframe, you decide how long you would like have the chairs
  • All you need to provide is a power point and a secure location
  • We will deliver the Masseuse Luxury Recliner Chairs to you
  • We will clean and service the Luxury Massage Recliners

Technology Features in the Coin Operated Luxury Recliners

  • Quad rolling massage hands that treat muscle soreness in your back, neck and spine. The massage roller system has been designed to replicate the massage techniques used by therapists and healthcare professionals and has been designed to feel exactly like the human touch.
  • The foot massage unit on the Health Luxury Recliner is fitted with rolling calf massagers for rejuvenating tired, sore legs.
  • The 5 minute massage treatment for just $2 provides an overall body treatment using massage techniques such as kneading, knocking and vibration.
  • Attractive lithium silver side panels and piano black and a stylish design, compliment any venue, club or reception area. Caster wheels are also located on the rear of the chair for easy mobility.

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