The importance of massage in later years

Learn why massage is so important. Learn why massage is so important.

As we grow more wise, we begin to enjoy the later years of our live with some of the finer things. We indulge, take more holidays and take retirement as is comes. One thing we shouldn’t forget, is our health. Massage chairs can remedy some of the common ailments we experience later on in life.

Firstly, massage chairs increase blood flow to the extremities, like our feet and hands. This prevents chillblains and other problems related to poor circulation. This is especially useful for people with heart conditions, as it promotes blood flow into muscles by arteries. Massage is also great for fluid retention on the extremities, so a massage chair suits anyone with kidney problems, blood pressure problems, diabetes or any condition that cause fluid retention.

Massage chairs are also great for the jet setters among us. After sitting down for extended periods of time, we are exposing ourselves to the risks of deep vein thrombosis. A massage chair can improve your circulation in these deep veins and help your body recover from a long haul flight.

Massage encourages blood flow to the finer smaller capillaries, providing more nutrients and oxygen to damaged skin and organs, which helps them heal quicker and work more effectively. This has many flow on effects that are too many to name in one blog post!

Tell us about the benefits you have noticed since using a massage chair regularly, we’d love to hear your stories.